How to lose weight with Reiki?

How to lose weight

Reiki is a very effective strategy for self-healing, energy renewal, and as if that were not enough, it also helps to lose weight harmoniously.

Reiki is an alternative health therapy that allows healing through the channeling and transfer of universal vital energy that flows throughout the body, thus eliminating possible mental and emotional imbalances.

The use of Reiki as a method to lose weight has great benefits since overweight is not only triggered by poor eating behavior, but also by a sedentary lifestyle and/or emotional disorders such as anxiety, stress, depression, frustration, among others. And this is precisely what Reiki can heal.

The flow of universal vital energy through our body allows us to balance internally and from there redirect our will, calming those compulsive behaviours that lead us to an unhealthy diet.

Reiki exercises to lose weight:

  1. First position: place your hands on the sides of your head, as if holding it gently, close your eyes, and breathe deeply in peace.
  2. Second position: inhale and exhale several times and visualize how you would like to see yourself. In this way, you will attract into your life all the changes and goals you want to achieve.
  3. Third position: place the hands near the throat, without touching it, to regulate the secretion of thyroid hormones and increase the basal metabolic rate.
  4. Fourth position: place both hands at the level of the navel with the fingers crossed, in this way the energy flows more easily and allows to purify and detoxify the organism of harmful substances to health.
  5. Fifth position: put your hands on your knees and breathe deeply. This will help promote blood circulation in the legs, improve lymphatic drainage and prevent fluid retention.
  6. Last position: put your hands on the foot, one on the sole of the foot and another on the instep, in this position you will help to cleanse the organism. You must repeat this technique with the other foot.