How does reflexology contribute to well-being?

It’s very important to take good care of your wellbeing and you should always try to focus on implementing new methods to stay safe and healthy. That being said, most of us just try to find a relaxing activity, and that might be fine at first. However, if you really care about your wellbeing you have to push the boundaries and focus on a simple, reliable way to ditch excuses and just focus on results. With Reflexology, you can do that, and in the past few years, reflexology has shown that yes, if you pay attention and you really focus on results, the outcome will be great.

The way you want to use reflexology is to start a treatment. Just one session is not going to cut it. Yes, there will be improvements, but if you are concerned about your wellbeing and you want to make changes, then you have to transform this into a complete treatment. Even if that might not seem like a feasible thing to do at first, the results you can get are astonishing and it all comes down to giving it a shot.

Improving happiness levels

With reflexology, you have the potential to boost your happiness and ditch stress naturally. It will help you feel relaxed and happy without having to worry about any of those problems that might appear at times in your life. Not only that, but you will be able to start tackling new challenges with a fresh perspective. Even if something might feel hard to do, you can find the strength to push it to the next level and just try it anew. Is it going to be easy to do this? It takes some time, but Reflexology has the potential to make you happy and that’s what matters the most.

Sleeping better

Lots of people have sleep issues. The poor sleep patterns combined with an unhealthy diet and bad sleep positions can lead to sleepless nights. What you want to do here is to try out the Reflexology treatment and after just a few sessions you can sleep better and feel a lot more relaxed. That sounds great and it really helps push the boundaries to come up with extraordinary results all the time. It’s amazing, and it will help you more than you would ever imagine.

Faster recovery times

In case you were injured, you need to find any method that can help boost recovery times. And thankfully most of the time it’s as simple as using Reflexology. This is a treatment that will remove lactic acid from your legs and it will also boost the blood flow to the injured area. In the end, you get to boost how fast you can recover, you will feel better and just enjoy life more than ever before. It’s definitely tricky, but it will always work and that’s what you want to have.

Immune system booster

Your immune system is the one that will fight allergens and all kinds of dangerous compounds. What you want to do is to find a way to improve how the immune system works and Reflexology can help with that. It will make it easy for you to boost the power of your immune system just via a few treatments. That can definitely help you a lot and you need to think about it as much as possible. Yes, it’s not the simplest thing that you can do, but once you start implementing this type of approach, the payoff itself can be extraordinary.

Removing toxins from your body

With Reflexology, you can also do another great thing, which is removing toxins from your body. You can boost the lymph and blood node circulation and what that does is that you can flush the toxins from your body and boost the energy levels. You have to realize that all of that happens naturally and it has the potential to do wonders all the time. Once you start doing this right away, you will see improvements pretty fast and from there to pushing the boundaries and feeling better it will be just one single step. It’s certainly tricky and demanding, but also a pleasure to see the results.

Is it possible for you to use Reflexology and boost your wellbeing? Absolutely, but you need to realize that this is a process, it takes a little while and it requires a lot of attention and focus from your side. Is it rewarding? Of course, and it will surely help you a lot more than you might imagine. But in the end what really matters is that you will feel better, happier, full of energy and that’s what you need the most. Demanding situations will appear no matter what, but commit to the process, enjoy the experience and you will be just fine in the end!

How does Reflexology help for sleep and stress relief?

The primary focus of Reflexology is to identify the pressure points at the bottom of your feet and then those will be used to deal with sleep and anxiety or stress. The way a Reflexology professional will help you is he will address those points to ensure that you are getting more and more relief all the time. it’s going to be helpful since he will slowly massage those areas and the more you will do that, the better the results will be.

The crystalline deposits of waste products like uric acid or calcium are accumulated around the nerve endings. We have around 7000 nerve endings in our feet alone, so a Reflexologist will know the region where specific nerve endings are situated and then he will start offering a very comprehensive and reliable way of bringing relief.

Does it work?

One of the major advantages of Reflexology is that you will feel some relief right away. If you want constant relief then you have to go to a Reflexology professional often for proper massage sessions. But yes, the system is designed to work super well and it won’t really take a lot of time to adapt it and improve it as you go along. It really is a masterful, very interesting way to boost your health and feel better. It will take a little bit to improve on it and make it work the way you want, but the payoff is there and it will totally be worth it all the time.

Start a Reflexology session today

It might be hard to achieve great benefits related to stress and sleep relief, but Reflexology can help. All you really have to do is to take a leap of faith and just try out these approaches to see what really works for you. They are all great and helpful, and they will make the difference as long as you are willing to commit to them a little bit.

Challenges can and will arise as you try to feel better, improve your sleep patterns and remove stress. Reflexology is one of the best ways to deal with sleep issues and stress, and we recommend you to at least give it a shot. It won’t eat up a lot of your time, and the great energy boost, combined with improved sleep and lack of stress will make this well worth it!

A Brief Introduction to Karuna Reiki

To understand what Karuna Reiki means, first you have to know what Reiki is. The literal meaning of Reiki (a combination of the Japanese word “rei” and Chinese character “ki”) is spiritual/supernatural vital energy. In the simplest of terms, Reiki is often described as palm-healing or hands-on-body healing method. During a Reiki session, a practitioner places the hands lightly over or on the patient’s body to transfer/generate energy in order to activate or intensify the body’s ability to heal itself. According to the ​National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health​ (NCCIH), the goal of Reiki is to facilitate the patient’s own healing response by directing energy from the practitioner. Such healing method is largely based on the Eastern belief that the human body has immense power to cure illnesses or diseases.

Patients who receive Reiki treatments often describe the experience as “intensely relaxing”. Reiki has been used as a complementary or alternative treatment for various medical conditions including but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Infertility
  • Heart diseases
  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • Neurodegenerative disorders

In ​Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing​, a website created by the University of Minnesota, patient’s experiences are quite subjective; some said the practitioner’s hands felt cool, while others claimed the hands were hot. However, the general consensus is that the treatment was comforting. Another important point made in the publication is that Reiki’s effect is cumulative, meaning patients may not feel a noticeable difference during first treatment but they get the positive effects if they continue. Some effects can be subtle but noticeable nevertheless, for examples deeper sleep at night and stronger digestion. ​Cancer Research UK​ actually confirms that the fundamental method of Reiki treatment, in which the practitioner touches and spends time with patients, brings relaxing effects.


The term “Karuna” is a Sanskrit word that translates to “Compassionate Action.” To some extent, the term should include Reiki practices too because the main purpose of the healing method is to provide a comforting experience for patients and therefore promote healing. The foundation of Karuna is ​unselfishness ​ ; when combined with Reiki, the healing process requires the practitioner to see all individuals as one. When another person suffers from illnesses, the practitioner – at least in theory – also feels the pain. This brings more powerful motivation for the practitioner to deliver the healing energy.

Karuna Reiki

The first to develop and introduce Karuna Reiki is William Lee Rand as a result of his extensive work and research on various energy healing methods over the years. During his time practising as Reiki Master, he came across many different techniques and symbols of healing. After spending many years studying each of them, William Lee Rand finally managed to formulate a specific method where he could use or combine multiple techniques into a single effective energy healing system called Karuna Reiki.

How It Came About

William Lee Rand received his Usui Reiki training for two years starting in 1981 while he was living in Hawaii. He continued training and practising even after he moved to Michigan, and finally became Usui Reiki Master in 1989.

He went on to travel around the country and the world to practice and study energy healing with other masters. Considering that energy healing – while not at all new – is still relatively young subject for medical and educational research, William Lee Rand found himself in the middle of the information highway and kept on exchanging techniques and treatments with other practitioners as well. Through such a lengthy process, he gained a deeper understanding of how healing symbols and attunement processes work.

Although he just recently acquired his Usui Master status 1989, William Lee Rand immediately began receiving healing symbols and techniques from many other systems, rather than the one he had already mastered. The exploration process continued to the point where he started to experiment and incorporate the new information to Usui Reiki. Many of his students also began to wonder if the “new additional symbols and techniques” should be practised. With the help of his spiritually sensitive and most proficient students, he conducted various experiments in the search for an energy healing system of greater benefit than Usui Reiki itself. Up until this point, however, the new system was largely unknown.

It was not until 1995 that William Lee Rand was finally able to compile and incorporate the new healing symbols into an effective method. He named it Karuna Reiki, also often referred to as Reiki of Compassion. Many of the symbols in the new system are similar to those of Usui Reiki, but the attunements along with motivations and intentions are quite different, so the energies generated and transferred through Karuna Reiki are found only in this system.

Karuna Reiki training consists of at least four Master Symbols including:

1​st​ Karuna: it is intended to prepare the client to fall into deep sleep prior to the actual treatment. The symbol also helps patients to deal with unpleasant past experiences.

2nd​ Karuna: deep healing process starts by breaking negative patterns or any negative energy patients regularly yet unconsciously use to prevent themselves from seeing the truth. Continuous utilization of such negative patterns leads to denial and delusion.

3​rd​ Karuna: the main purpose is to restore energy balance in the body. Thanks to the nature of compassionate action of Karuna Reiki, the third symbol also means the creation of unconditional love.

4​th​ Karuna: the fourth symbol is for extreme grounding and often used to complete the treatment by bringing patients back to full consciousness.

Karuna Reiki is not meant to replace or as a substitute for the more traditional Usui Reiki simply because the former is at a different higher level. Karuna Reiki is only taught to advanced students who have already mastered Usui Reiki, to begin with. In other words, only Usui Reiki Masters can earn the opportunity to enrol in Karuna Reiki Mastership. As a matter of fact, a large portion of current students taught by William Lee Rand comes from teachers’ community.